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ShadBase Review by TheCamDude

ShadBase is a site that’s run by one artist named ShadMan who likes to post his work for free. It’s all high quality and you can check it all out for free. There’s a very active comments section for each image that you can join in on. Since it’s all drawn by the same person, you can expect to see the same concepts played out over and over again. Some of the images are all about sex and others are about violence. That’s pretty much the overarching feel of the site. His outlook becomes obvious when you see that all of the navigation buttons revolve around a teenager’s concept of anarchy.
There are no categories to help you navigate the Shad Base site. It’s all just one big blog for Shad to show off his work. The only way that things are organized is by date. You can follow his work from the very beginning to the present and that’s about it. You can’t search for nudity or parody. All you can really do is browse until you come across something that you want to see. It’s okay if you’re really into the artist and don’t mind browsing around while you try to find something worth reading.
The ShadBase.com website works well as a blog and you shouldn’t have any issues. You can read and download anything that you want for free. If you’re into artworks created by someone who grew out of high school, but never grew out of heavy metal and long, black trench coats, then this site is for you.
ShadBase is a blog that’s filled with fantasy violence and more than enough boobs. It’s all one big archive of his work and that lets you see how it all evolves. You get a firsthand look at how an artist tries different techniques to get the right look and that’s a lot of fun. He also has a reimagining of Sonic the hedgehog that’s more than worth your time on the site. If that’s the only thing you see, you’ll still have spent your time very wisely. The site is easy to use and filled with stylized versions of some of your favorite pop culture characters.

Images are all high quality
View and download for free
Comment on anything you want

Everything is drawn by one person with similar concepts
Site is difficult to navigate and works more like a blog
No category system to browse the site

ShadBase is a fun site for anyone who lacks even a basic level of self-awareness. The artworks revolve around fetishized violence and boobs. There’s no category system to organize anything. It’s all one big blog for Shad to share his unfortunate thoughts about the world. He has a third grader’s concept of anarchy and tries to gift it to the world. It’s filled with school violence and cartoon boobs that he drew all by himself, like a big boy. It’s free to check out download to see if you’re into it.